• Emily

California Dreaming

On Monday I returned from California, Los Angeles to be exact, after 10 wonderful days. Before I left, some people warned me that I might fall in love with the city or in the city - and then I might not want to come back.

I dismissed that as silly talk, but after returning I understand the thought - even though I love living in Hamburg, the dreary weather here doesn't compare to the wonderful light and breathtaking sunsets in California.

And on top of that, I met so many great people that it was very hard to say goodbye. But I console myself with the fact that although it was my first trip to the USA, it certainly won't be my last.

And now that spring is slowly arriving in Hamburg, I have decided to offer meetings again to distract myself from my wanderlust! But since I have quite a lot of plans, it is recommended to book the date sufficiently in advance...

I'm looking forward to see you - and until then I look at the Elbstrand and dream of my return to the Santa Monica Beach...

Foto vom Strand Santa Monicas in Los Angeles. Die Sonne geht gerade über dem Pazifik unter, einige Silhoutten von Menschen sind auf dem Strand zu sehen und im Hintergrund sind die Berge.

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