These things are particularly close to my heart


Before booking, think about when and where you want to meet me. As soon as we have fixed an appointment, I write it in my calendar.

I also expect you to take our appointment seriously. If you have to cancel, for whatever reason, I expect your cancellation in time - preferably by the day before.

In the case of very short-term cancellations (less than 2 hours in advance) or non-appearance at the meeting, I will charge an expense allowance of 40 €.



I don't compromise on my safety. This includes, on the one hand, that I cannot be visited and that I do not offer sexual meetings "outdoors" or in the car.

I also need the exact address / room number and, if we are driving in your car, your license plate number before the meeting.

If you give me an occasion to feel uncomfortable in your presence or in contact with you, I reserve the right to deny or cancel a meeting.



In addition to my intellect and empathy, my body is my most important asset - so I take good care of it in order to stay in good health for a long time.

That is why I strictly reject any practices that may endanger my health - safer sex is a must .

If you plan to use drugs or poppers, I rule out a meeting. Alcohol consumption only in moderation.

After all, I want you to be in your senses before I mesmerize you.



Without respect - no sex.
I want to meet you at eye level and have a good time together. If you only perceive me as a fetish object, or if you don't want to adhere to my limits, I will not meet you.
I also ask you to be respectful of my time. I am happy to answer your questions, but my time is too good for constant small talk via Whatsapp and Co.


It is important to me to only promise what I can keep. I don't offer all kinds of services, only the things that I enjoy.

In addition, I will not arouse false expectations, but present realistically what is within my capabilities and physical possibilities.

If something is particularly important to you at the meeting, please ask if I can give it to you.


For me, discretion means two things above all:
Firstly, I carefully handle all data and information that I receive in advance of or at the meeting. It is important to me that you feel that you are in good hands with me.
Second, I prefer a natural, rather inconspicuous appearance. You can't tell that I'm different from other women - so you can meet me in public with a clear conscience.